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BeauStephenson: Tonight was EPIC! #GeorgeFest celebrating the music of George Harrison was incredible. And to top it off, we hung out with Darren Criss (I told him that Melanie Kowallis Stephenson was a huge fan of A Very Potter Musical and that we’ve watched it a lot, and he said “I am SO sorry about that.” lol!). This fills me with Glee… I felt like a giant hunching over lol. (x)

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"You make me wanna be your boyfriend."

That is still one of my favorite lines in the show for how it turns around the usual dynamic; Rachel doesn’t want to turn Kurt straight but instead wants to be a gay boy to date him.  It’s such a casual thing that means so very much.

I really love their friendship.  They’re imperfect mirrors of each other, but on this show in many ways - for all of the people that they both have who love them - nobody understands them better than these two understand each other.

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Chris + being a fanboy

Reblogging because I found the perfect caption, courtesy of Will & Grace reruns.


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